A few highlights

jordi-real-277x300 First of all, this (left) is me, in case you were wondering if you’ve ever met in person đŸ™‚

If you’re interested in knowing more about my research activities, feel free to read my full CV thought this is probably one of the borest things you could do right now.  

If you want a quicker way to know what I’m up to, better to read my very short summary or  to check our latest publications.

If you would just like a quick summary of my activity, I’ve collected a few numbers (latest update January 2016) for you (but remember, quality always trumps quantity so take them more as a curiosity than as any real measurement of my work as a researcher):

  • Countries I’ve worked in: 4
  • Number of publications: > 100 (including 24 journals and 68 int. conferences)
  • Number of co-authors: 143
  • Number of citations (according to google scholar) : 2552
  • H-index (google scholar): 27
  • Supervised PhD students: 7 (4 completed, 3 ongoing)
  • Funding received: > 3M euros
  • Times I’ve been a PC Chair (in int. conf.): 3
  • Some events I’m involved in: organizing the workshops MELO and OCL, co-chair of Quatic 2016 (MDE track), co-organizing ECOOP 2017 summer school, publicity chair for BPM 2017 and special journal issues Models 2016 best papers for Sosym and Negative Results in Soft. Eng. for EMSE
  • Views of my presentations on slideshare: >80.000

Anything else you’d like to know?