mystica_Coins_(Money)Having crazy product ideas is not usually a problem for want-to-be-entrepreneurs but if you want to play it a little bit safer my advice would be to wait for the new technology/langauge/framework published by any of the big-tech companies (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter,…) and jump on the bandwagon as fast as you can.

My reasons for this advice are the following (true in the short-term but who cares about the long-term?)

  • There is a market waiting for you. Being from a well-knwon tech company will guarantee a huge market adoption for the product regardless how good the new technology actually is.
  • There are no competitors both because the product is new and because the tech company itself won’t be interested in developing the whole ecosystem around it themselves, instead they will just stick to the core, leaving the rest for people like you
  • Many business opportunities available. Some examples are: writing tutorials to get plenty of traffic to your site, develop plug-ins to integrate this technology with other frameworks, write extensions for the technology itself either on the functionality side or the design side (e.g. new themes), build tools for people interested in using that technology (e.g. visual environments), etc or just sell your services as an expert freelance (remember little competition and a proven market)

If you want an example, just take a look at twitter bootstrap. In no time, a rich ecosystem has been built around it, including resource lists, mock-up tools , integration with other frameworks a theme marketplace just to mention a few.

So, be ready and make sure you don’t miss the next one! And remember that even if the products are different each time, the development of the ecosystem itself will always follow the same pattern, so you can just learn, adapt and repeat!.