Lionel Briand and André van der Hoek (PC Chairs of ICSE 2014, for those working on other research areas, I think it’s safe to say that ICSE is the most well-known research conference on Software Engineering) have published his analysis of the peer-review process for ICSE 2014 on the following report:

Insights and Lessons Learned from Analyzing ICSE 2014 Survey and Review Data

The first paragraphs reads as follows: “This document reports on survey and review data collected during and after the ICSE 2014 review process. Its goal is to provide full insights and lessons learned about the reviewing and decision making process that led to the selection of 99 scientific articles (out of 495) for the technical research program.”

Mouthwatering right ? If you’re a researcher (even if in a different area) I’d say this is a unique (?), let me know if you know other similar reports!, opportunity to get a better perspective of how PCs make their decisions.