kinder surprise videosI’m a firm believer that for the sucess of a business, the implementation of the business idea is much more important than the idea itself.

The problem with this belief is that then it’s easy to end up thinking that success just boils down to better CPA, margins, SEO,… than your competitors and that putting some time in finding original and creative ideas is not worth (or plain impossible).

Therefore, every time I see a crazy idea that makes some good money I take this as a humbling experience and a reminder that there’s life beyond building software for to-do lists or project management. Some time ago I talked about L’entrecôte – a restaurant with a single main course option but today’s one is even crazier: Make money with youtube videos showing how you open Kinder Surprise eggs!

I discovered these videos thanks to my two-year-old daughter. Not sure how we ended up in the first one (probably jumping from a video about Disney characters) but my daughter immediately fell in love with them and, several weeks later, I still need to play them over and over (yes, you can feel sorry for me!). Not sure why but she specially likes the videos of the DisneyCollectorBR user. To my surprise, this user has posted over 700 videos which overall have generated hundreds of millions of visits (just the most popular one has 45 million views, remind you, for a video showing two hands opening a few surprise eggs!).

Sure, It’s Getting Harder to Make Money on YouTube but let me assure this young lady makes more money than myself “just” by opening surprise eggs. Keep this lady in mind next time you think everything has been invented already.

And of course, I couldn’t finish this post without showing you one of her videos. Enjoy!