Invariably, each PhD program requires the completion of a number of PhD courses and invariably at the end the students complain about the waste of time they supposed. That was also my feeling when I did mine (quite a few years ago already I’m afraid).

I believe it’s time to rethink this requirement. Maybe generic courses on writing & reviewing papers, doing good presentations, technical English,… make sense (though the last two should be already part of any undergrad programme) but that’s it. All the other advanced courses on X are useless. If your PhD is on X you’ll learn that anyway (and probably you already know it). If your PhD is not on Y, then at this moment of your career you couldn’t care less about Y.

Let’s save the time of our PhD Students (and corresponding lecturers) and money (both from the government and the students who share the cost of the courses). We will all be happier.