Several times I´ve had the feeling that some of the information requests were not real. Well, the request was real but the intention to hire my services was not probably real, the (fake) customers just wanted to get info about how to do a certain thing or simply to know how much they could ask for a similar job themselves.

Nevertheless, it was impossible to be sure about my suspicions since after getting the info they would disappear and stop answering emails. Since this is also the behavior of some real clients, there was always the doubt. Until a fake client confirmed it by sending me a last message with this text:

“I wanted know how much it would cost to migrate a drupal site to wordpress, and wasn’t sure myself, so i thought i contact a professional company and see what they’re charging. Thanks for your feedback, i appreciate it.”

Amazing! I just wasted a couple of hours of my precious time!

And amazingly stupid of him I should add. Specially because to get a non-trivial quote I need to get access to the complete database of the current site and its URL address so I could easily just contact the owner of the site and alert him/her that the contractor has no idea of how to do the job and propose myself to replace it! Maybe I´ll try next time…