In my business I’m frequently contacted by non-technical (prospective) clients that have no idea of how complex is their current site or what migration features they need.

Therefore I need to invest my time in helping them understand their own needs, even to the point of accessing myself their database to export the current (for instance) Drupal site they are using and check for them whether they use custom content fields or not, what’s the size of their site,…

Obviously, all this takes a considerable amount of time but in some cases once I finally manage to prepare a quote for their migration project I never hear about them ever again. To all those customers I’d like to say the following:

Dear lost customer, in exchange of all the time I invested in you and all the knowledge you gained thanks to me, could you please at least let me know why you decided not to take my offer? It’s not that I want to insist or negotiate, I just want some feedback that helps me to understand what went wrong so that I can try to avoid the same problem in the future. Thanks.

(let me clarify that in fact I ask them this question but I get basically zero answers)

Any recommendation to minimize this problem?