After winning a bronze medal (female wrestling) in the London 2012 Olympic games, Maider Unda was asked why her sport wasn’t more popular in Spain.

Her answer was straight to the point, she said that wrestling is a tough sport and life in Spain was too easy (compared with the quality of life in other countries) to convince youngsters to go through the “pain” required to succeed in this sport.

I think this perfectly applies to the startup life. Many people talk about creating a company, few actually start one and only “fools” stick to it when they realize that in 99,99 % of cases a startup is not an overnight success (even when you think they are, most likely what you perceive as immediate success is the result of many years of hidden work and failed attempts, a classic example is Angry Birds an overnight success 8-years in the making .

So, before wasting your time think twice. Can you really find the passion (whether your motivation is making the world a better place, your newborn or getting filthy rich doesn’t matter as you as long as you feel the fire) required to keep you going long-term through the rough life of an entrepreneur (juggling a daily job, family, the company,..; spending most of your time doing non-creative tasks, accounting, administering your web site,…)?

It’s not going to be nice so you better be prepared for it or just stop dreaming and enjoy your comfortable life as it is now. Halfhearted efforts will get you nowhere and will only cause pain to you and your family. As we said in a previous post “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and disappointment.”