When needed, I’m the first one in criticizing google (most notoriously regarding Google´s Christmas present: Canceling my AdSense Account ) but this time I was on the other side of the equation: Google just paid me back 15 EUR due to detected invalid clicks.

Given the fact that it’s quite difficult that customers (i.e. myself in this case) detect these clicks , this honesty is remarkable.

What worries me is that these 15 EUR represent 20% of the budget I spent for the month, a lot of invalid clicks!!. Moreover:

– If Google detected 20% of invalid clicks what was the real percentage of invalid clicks overall? How good is Google detecting them? How much money I’m losing because of that?

– Even if Google detected all of them, this is still problematic since I lost 20% of possible real clicks  that didn’t happen because the invalid ones made me reach my daily budget limit. So, this 20% was not a money lost but an opportunity lost

We’ll see if this was just a bad month or something that will repeat in the future. Have you had a similar experience?