Announcing the release of our new MetaScience online service that we have developed to help on the critical matter of evaluating the quality of conferences using metrics that are not usually available (unless you take the time to calculate them yourself).

The current version relies on the database provided by DBLP, to derive some useful metrics for conferences and workshops. Such metrics show:

  • Conference activity. It provides the overall number of authors and papers for each conference edition.


  • Conference ratios. It presents the number of authors per paper and papers per author for each edition.


  • Community turnover. Following the popular expression publish or perish, it calculates the percentage of authors that survived/perished between the editions of the conference. In particular, the user can select a unit of time that spans between two consecutive editions or three.


  • Openness. It measures how much the community underlying a conference is open towards newcomers. Thus, for each edition it presents the ratio between papers coming from authors that have never published in the conference before (outsiders) as well as the papers with all authors having published there already (community member).


The service is still under development and we are currently working on many other visualizations/metrics. Feel free to have your saying by participating in our GitHub repository