I believe revisiting and revamping your website design once a year is a necessary evil. Your webiste is the first impression visitors will get of your business. And website design is like clothing fashion, there are new trends every year and the clothes / designs from last year suddenly look old.

You may still like your design but this is not the point. You don’t want visitors to believe you’re not aware of the latest trends in web design (especially if your business, as mine, revolves around website design and development). Of course, you should use this excuse to reconsider other aspects of your site’s content and organization (including also checking the compatibility with the newest browsers) but the most important thing is to realign your site with the current fashion trends and make sure it looks “modern” and according to what visitors expect to see when landing in a website nowadays.

This week we have just released the third version of our “Migrate to WordPress” site. See the evolution below (and I hope you agree that it looks better than the previous ones). We are also trying to be consistent with the company services and eat our own dog food (the first site was a pure HTML site which, when you’re trying to convince people to migrate to WordPress, is not exactly appropriate; in this last version we moved to WPEngine, the WP hosting provider we recommend).

Version 1
Pure HTML version


Version 2
Wordpress site with the typical slideshow in the home page (so popular before but that now looks oldfashioned at least IMHO)


Version 3
A more flat design with a responsive theme (in contrast with the previous version that looked terrible from a mobile device)..

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