Not just yourself and your specific line of work. You are there representing the whole team. This means that your job is to be on the lookout for interesting works and connections for any of your teammates.

Yes, you are there to publicize your latest paper (this is probably why you were allowed to travel to the conference in the first place) but given the costs (economic and environmental) of travelling, your mission is to make your trip worth. And this implies making sure you are not the only one that benefits from it. Talk to people and attend to talks with all the team in mind. Even better if your colleagues tell you beforehand whether there is somebody / something in particular they want you to talk to or explore.

Of course, this also mean that you should know to some extent what everybody else in your team is working on. But I really really hope this is not an issue in your team. An internal exchange of knowledge and ideas within the team is something I give for granted. If this is not your case, you may be in the wrong team 🙂