Yes I do mean 300 and no 300K. And yes, I’m aware this is an epic fail (if you’re new to this site, please check my domain URL) but with so many posts of people making thousands of dollars a year (even some a month) with affiliate amazon links, I wanted to be an example of the opposite scenario: people making barely no money with it.

Not that I’m proud of this but I think it’s important that people trying to make a living with passive income generation realize that it’s not as easy as many blogs/sites suggest (specially those trying to sell you something to be even more successful with your passive income strategy).

So if you want to be as successful as I am, just follow my five-step guide for making little to no money with Amazon affiliate links:

  1. Avoid all special offers and promotions (e.g. ignore black fridays, christmas and the like)
  2. Ignore opportunities to refer to Amazon products in your blog posts (and instead link to author home pages, wikipedia,…)
  3. Stop writing product reviews
  4. Target only low priced products like books
  5. Track what items are actually selling

I’d like this to change in the future (I’ll let you know if I manage to do it). In the end, I kept my amazon associate account open to sell my own book  (did you see? I did it again! I linked to the book website and not to its amazon product page, argh!!!) since  I realized that, sadly, my author royalties where even less than what I’d get as advertising fee from Aamzon (free tip: always self publish your books) and then let it die.

In the meantime feel free to share your successful / failed experiences with  Amazon so that we can all keep learning!!