Very funny (and sad at the same time) collection of reviewer’s comments on research papers on (also on twitter at yourpapersucks).

The comments mix criticisms on what probably are really bad papers

The best thing about the paper in its current form is that is that it is [sic] short, so I did not waste a lot of time reading it;

This kind of prose simply borders on cruelty against the reader. And finally comes the conclusion, which is the intellectual equivalent of bubblegum.

Did all 5 authors say,“Yes, this is a piece of work I am proud to have my name on?”

together with comments that don’t say much about the quality of the reviewers themselves

The orgnization and writing of the paper need to improve. There are some grammar errors need to correct.

Can you explain this part a bit further, but without going into detail.

The reported mean of 7.7 is misleading because it appears that close to half of your participants are scoring below that mean

This paper reads like a woman’s diary, not like a scientific piece of work’

I don’t believe in simulations

and a few desperate cries for help of editors dealing with those reviewers

You will see that Reviewer 2 has slightly missed the point, so please don’t pay too much attention to their comments in your revision.

Feel free to share your worst reviews! (and submit them to this site if you wish)