hacker newsWe all dream our new software product / service to make the front page of Hacker News. Even if most of us are (or should be) aware that, most likely, the long term impact of this achievement will be quite limited , this is still some kind of milestone many of us aspire to.

Well, the (pre)launch of our new WordPress A/B testing service made it. So, you may think I’m ecstatic. Well, I’m not it turns out that “our success” was not because of the huge interest in our product but in the huge interest people had in reading about our disaster prelaunch:

I guess I should not complain (in the end we managed to fix the problem soon enough and still the huge peak of traffic from Hacker News was a good compensation for the “failed” prelaunch) but I do hope next time I’m on hacker news is because we did something exciting and not because of something bad happening to us!

FYI: this is the “hacker news effect” in the number of visitors during the peak

hacker news impact on the site